Working Principle

1st Water Cyclone


The air rotates with a very high speed between the outer wall of the filter and the first inner wall.

The heavy and rough mechanical particles/pollutants are absorbed by the centrifugal force and then put under the water.

Capture Mechanical particles

2nd Water Cyclone


The air that no longer has rough mechanical particles makes passage under the water while entering the second container.

The second container is placed inside of the first container, and assures fast upward spinning for all fine particles filtration.

All the bacteria, microbes, aroma particles, chemicals, and the finest mechanical ones are finally captured here.

Capture Chemicals, aroma, viruses and bacteria

3rd Cyclone


The air enters the 3rd cyclone where the moisture is taken out from the air.

The outlet air moisture is back to normal level at 50-70%.

Air moisture goes out

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