Technical Specification     

Caeli Stand-alone 400

Home appliance - Small-size Space Solution


Working Principle:Three-phase water cyclone

Material:Stainless steel (AISI 304) Main Reagent:Water

Air Flow Capacity (Avg)100 m3/h Capacity variations+/- 25% Maximum capacity125 m3/h

Space size:10 - 30 m2

Air flow temperature:min. 2 °C – max. 60 °C

Filter dimensions:H/D = 450/200 mm Wall thickness:0.8 mm Filter Weight (empty):2 kg (when empty) Filter Weight (full):2.2 - 3.5 kg (two modes)

Outlet Noise:52 - 62 dB (two modes) Energy consumption:100 – 220 W/h Resistance:42 mm water column Outlet air moisture:Normal (50-70%)

Supplement parts:Valves (Manual or Electrical)

Interchangeable parts:No

Maintenance:Manual cleaning 

Warranty:5 Years Durability:10-15 Years

Environment friendly:Yes

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